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  Tier 1 EDI VAN + Live Support + Tools, Automation & Reporting  

Better Tools, Better TechBetter Terms, No Better Time

Switch Without Missing a Beat... Guaranteed.


3 Offerings to support your EDI requirements from just VAN, to Managed and Hybrid Services to Advanced Reporting, Compliance Support & AI Automation

    EDI VAN Services
Hosted EDI Services
BI, BPM & Automation 
EDI, Analyics, 852 reporting, POS, reporting, chargeack
  • Largest, Best in Class VAN

  • Best Pricing (Instant Quote)

  • 24x7 US Based Support

  • Best In Class Visibility Portal

  • White Glove Migration

  • Same Day ROI

  • Fully Hosted Mapping & Translation

  • Comprehensive EDI Portal Solution

  • 100% Complete Retailer Compliance

  • UCC Barcode 128 Labels Included

  • Business Intelligence & Automation

  • Retail Compliance Support

  • Actionable, Event Driven Insights

  • Avoid & Reverse Chargebacks

  • Support Sales, Ops. & Finance

  • 852 POS Reporting 


  • Vendor Managed Inventory

get critical, actionable information into the right hands anywhere across your enterprise faster than ever and see business events like never before.

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eData Dashboard

Enhanced Value

Value Added Network Solutions

eData |

Here's What Matters


Established in New York City's Garment Center in 2003, we still maintain our leadership, key staff and resources based in the heart of the apparel, accessories, footwear, home goods and textiles industry. Though today our portfolio of clients and partners include logistics companies, retailers, electronics, pharmaceutical, hardware, automotive and other suppliers we remain true to our heritage focusing intently on retailers like WalMart, Nieman Marcus, Nordstrom, etc. and the requirements of engaging with their brick and mortar as well as online properties with a strong focus on what it all means for our clients' business..

Cutting our teeth in the demanding supplier to retail space, and evolving through the dramatic changes across the retail landscape has fostered an expertise of both business process and technology that is evident in every solution and each interaction. 


We believe that there is no one size fits all solution, and that the right approach is the one that supports your business goals and has the flexibility required for your B2B and EDI environments to remain nimble components of a transparent and 'weaponized', data driven supply chain. We turn EDI into a nominal cost with tremendous competitive advantage, every time.

We believe that the value of EDI and an intelligent, right-sized digital supply chain ecosystem is a right 

eData seeks to deliver insightful solutions that eliminate human error, support compliance and help leverage EDI throughout the organization cost effectively, moand with several hundred suppliers and lower the barrier to entry for valuable, comprehensive EDI solutions as well as the intelligence and automation required to do business at scale in the rapidly changing, requirements heavy retail ecosystem.


We don't license any of our technology, it's all built here on modern platforms and frameworks, giving us complete control to respond to the demands of both retail trading partners as well as marketplace dynamics as a whole. With a negligible or zero client side footprint, we deploy in exceptionally short intervals more cost effectively than traditional enterprise solutions, and with far greater value than generic SAAS products. Designed leveraging decades of industry expertise and equivalent technological prowess, our tools speak right to the heart of supply chain enablement and business process support with a strong focus on visibility to support multiple critical business silos from sales to operations and finance.

We believe that we must be the experts in understanding and supporting your business, and whenever we cannot or choose not to originate our own tech, we work exclusively with partners who share that commitment to service excellence.


We Make Products For
People Who Make Products

Our Clients Include Manufacturers, Distributors, Suppliers and Retailers of Apparel, Accessories, Footwear, Home Goods, Electronics, Food and Beverage, Software, Office Supplies, and more of the largest and most recognizable brands in the world... Pretty Cool.

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2 City Hall Plaza

Floor 2

Rahway, NJ 07065


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